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Protect Your Business with Off-Replication

Off-replication service offers a solution for businesses to secure and back up their critical data by replicating it in a secondary location. This helps to ensure data availability and protection in case of primary storage failure, natural disasters, or any other disruption. With United SMB, you can minimize downtime, reduce data loss, and ensure seamless data recovery in the event of a disaster. Say goodbye to manual backups, unreliable storage devices, and expensive data recovery services. Choose "Off Replication" for your business today.

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Industry We Serve

We at United SMB have served various types of industries across Houston, Dallas, and Austin. Whether you operate in the corporate, government, education, retail, or any other sector, our customized solutions will meet your unique IT requirements.

IT Consulting

Our team of experts will compile and draft reports with details on the performance of your network and computers and schedule a time to review them in person.

IT Security

We have unparalleled knowledge of the ever-increasing digital risks to your business and the means and experience to best protect you from them.

Computer Support

We proactively ensure that life and integrity of your workstations and machines are meeting best practices in IT.

Network Support

Our experienced staff and competitive rates make us the ideal network management partner to support your business's network infrastructure and performance.

Disaster Recovery

We provide a cost-efficient and agile solution to implement or replace dated business disaster recovery plans.