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Capture the movement that matter.

A home security camera system is one technique to make sure you are always watching over your house. These systems are carefully positioned to help you monitor every square inch of your property and increase the security of your home. We take pride in having Houston's top-notch home security systems. These cameras are top-of-the-line industrial models. Take a detailed view of your home and property both from the inside and outside. United SMB delivers the best Residential security cameras in the industry. Our products are commercial-grade cameras with cutting-edge features as standard. Homeowners rely on our dependable service, and we give them high-quality surveillance of their homes and loved ones with our sophisticated residential security camera system.

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Industry We Serve

We at United SMB have served various types of industries across Houston, Dallas, and Austin. Whether you operate in the corporate, government, education, retail, or any other sector, our customized solutions will meet your unique IT requirements.

Commercial Security Cameras

From safeguarding employees, customers, assets, and inventory, to monitoring your employee's productivity and reducing the threat of burglary, loitering, vandalism, and false insurance claims, commercial security camera installation are a must-have measure for any business, regardless of its size or industry.

CCTV System Maintenance

Ensuring your CCTV system is fully operational and working 24/7, every day of the year. Our certified experts provide the highest level of CCTV servicing & maintenance, ensuring maximum protection and that you comply with regulations.

Full System Integration

Our security camera systems easily integrate with third-party security systems such as access control systems and visitor management, and video analytics software, enabling you to further enhance security measures by keeping detailed and verified video records of people who enter the premises, including dates and times.

Cloud Based Camera System

Eliminate the cost of a traditional DVR/NVR security system by switching to cloud-based security camera storage. Cloud-based security camera systems have the same reliable features as traditional video surveillance coupled with the convenience of cloud computing.